Winter Manicure -7 Rules For Caring For Your Hands When It’s Cold

Frequent skin and nail problems during the cold season

To begin with, we need to identify the problem itself. What happens to your hands and nails in winter? A person goes outside in the cold, the snow is falling and the wind is blowing hard. He doesn’t always protect his hands with gloves. The skin, just like the nails, remains exposed and exposed to these negative factors. They cause increased dryness. The skin suffers from a lack of moisture. It becomes tight, flaky, and dry, which over time leads to the formation of micro-cracks that, if not properly cared for, turn into bleeding sores and sometimes ulcers. The skin injuries get deeper, cause pain and discomfort, and can even leave scars if the situation gets out of hand. Burrs form on the cuticle and the nails can chip and break. Why does the skin lose moisture? It’s not just the weather; there are several possible causes:

  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Hot showers
  • Winter clothes (synthetic clothing)
  • Dehydration of the whole body

As you can see, dry skin can be caused not only by weather conditions but also by the measures you take to protect yourself from them. So what causes dry nails? The most common ‘winter’ cause is vitamin deficiency. The body lacks certain vitamins and trace elements that it used to get, for example, with fresh vegetables. In summer, a person consumes them in excess, but in winter he either switches to a different diet or buys “store-bought” products, which are not always useful. What vitamins do my nails need to grow properly? To maintain their beauty even during the winter season, it is necessary to timely replenish the following substances:

  • Calcium. This element is involved in the formation of the top layer of nails. It also makes them stronger, just like human bones.
  • Zinc is involved in the formation of new nail material. A deficiency of this trace element may result in white spots on the nails.
  • Silicon and vitamin PP are responsible for the elasticity of nail plates. Their deficiency leads to increased brittleness.
  • Iron is involved in the processes of nail formation and alignment.
  • Vitamins D, B6, A, and magnesium are necessary for normal growth. If they are lacking in the body, nails grow back slower.
  • Vitamin C helps prevent the formation of burrs on the cuticle.

Avitaminosis severely weakens the immune system. It’s not just your nails and skin that become more vulnerable, but the body as a whole. In winter it is extremely important not to put it to the test! It is advisable to have a special machine in the manicure salon – a circulator, which will run the air through a system of filters and purify it. This is extremely important, as the workplace uses a variety of chemicals, and ventilating the room in freezing temperatures is quite problematic. The MAX hoover, a technique that removes sawdust from nails and prevents it from getting into the air, can also protect the lungs of the client and the craftsman.

Avitaminosis is the most common cause of brittle nails, but it’s not the only cause. They can become brittle and flaky due to regular contact with household chemicals without special protection. This problem can easily be prevented by wearing rubber gloves at home or at work. Another cause of nail brittleness is the formulations used in manicures. With high levels of formaldehyde or acetone, polishes can dry out the nail plate, so it’s crucial to use only quality formulations. Finally, a reason that cannot be ignored is heredity. The amount of keratin, the basic building material of nails and hair, is regulated genetically. Japanese researchers have proven that turning off just one gene in a person’s genome results in insufficient production of this protein, which negatively affects the condition of the nails and hair.

How to care for your hands and manicure in winter

To keep your hands and nails beautiful even during the harsh winter season, it’s important to follow some simple rules:

  • Make sure you protect your hands before going outside, even for five minutes. Woollen gloves with a fleece lining are the safest protection. If your fingers are still freezing in the cold, you can buy warm mittens.
  • Protect your hands when you use harsh chemicals. A pair of rubber gloves will do the trick. You can use this time to apply a nourishing mask under your gloves.
  • Moisturize your hands. Nourishing creams will help prevent the loss of moisture.
  • Cosmetic products should be properly matched to your skin type.
  • Do not take hot showers and do not wash your hands under too hot water. A cup of tea can keep you warm and too much moisture is lost during these procedures.
  • Eat a proper diet. Fresh fruit and vegetables should always be added to your diet. If their nutritional value is questionable or there is no opportunity to indulge in such delicacies, you should go to the pharmacy and buy a vitamin and mineral complex in a bottle to help get through the winter.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.
  • Use humidifiers in the workplace and at home.

Taking care of your hands doesn’t take much time. It’s easy enough to apply cream, and in the evenings, you can apply a nourishing mask and wrap. Any greasy cream or olive oil can be used as the main product. Apply it generously, wrap hands in polythene, and put warm terry gloves on. In the morning, apply nourishing cream again after washing.

You can buy ready-made masks or make them yourself. Honey, glycerin, oatmeal, milk, eggs, lemon, and various oils (coconut oil, olive oil) are often used as main ingredients. Today there are hundreds of recipes for masks, but not all of them are universal. The ingredients should be adjusted to your skin type. For the beneficial substances to be better absorbed, it is advisable to steam your hands before the procedure, thus dilating the pores. In manicure salons, Brazilian technology is widely used to restore nails, and skin condition is improved by paraffin therapy.

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