What Are The Special Features Of Gel Polish Bases?

You can’t get a permanent manicure with gel polish without a good base – even the most expensive coating won’t hold. The base is viscous in texture and has the ability to fill all micro-cracks on the surface. Most bases contain a polymer and silica gel, but there are variants with different features.

The silicone base is good on the nail plate and seals the nail and is quite gentle to remove. The rubber base is thick and dense in consistency, easy to use, and smoothes the nail surface well. The acrylic base contains acrylic powder and can be white, colored, or transparent, ideal for nail extension and nail modification.

The vitamin base is a therapeutic coating for thin, brittle, and weak nails. It can contain group E, and D vitamins, and other substances that help repair the plate after aggressive treatments. Camouflage base is a single-phase product that combines top, color, and base, is easy to apply, and looks good on its own, but is not the most long-lasting.

It’s good if any base contains caring ingredients, such as hydrolyzed keratin and silk. They improve the condition of the plate and increase the strength and consistency of the coating.

Rio Minak

Written by Rio Minak

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