We’re Really Into These 6 Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

Many women like to have long nails. They think that long nails look beautiful. However, longer nails tend to get dirty quickly. Sometimes they look sloppy. Long nails can also be very unhealthy and unsanitary. This is why it is recommended to keep the nails short and trimmed. There are many reasons to keep your nails short. Today we have compiled some of them.

Some advantages of having short nails:

  1. Lack of attention:

Long nails require a lot of attention and care. They are more likely to break and get dirty easily. Keeping long nails clean is also difficult and you may need a special brush to clean them. Long nails can also make trivial daily tasks like texting very difficult. Long nails can also make it difficult to grasp anything.

2. Health issues:

A study conducted by the American Academy of Infectious Diseases showed that nails larger than 3 mm may harbor harmful yeasts and bacteria underneath. The researcher also said that many people do not wash their hands properly to remove all the bacteria lurking on their nails. Eating with your hands when your nails are long can spread bacteria and bacteria from your nails to your stomach.

3. Low maintenance:

You don’t need to worry about cleaning your nails or preventing them from breaking. Running water is enough to clean short nails, you don’t need a brush to clean them.

4. Prevent scratches:

When our nails are very long, we often inadvertently scratch ourselves or others. This will leave unsightly scars and marks. If you get bitten by a mosquito, you can scratch yourself while you sleep! To prevent this from happening, it is best to keep your nails short and keep them safe.

6 Nail Art Designs Ideas for Short Nails

Metallic Stars:


Many different colored nails are used as a base, all equally different. Low-key, but with a few tweaks, you’ll be able to do anything with this next-level design without feeling like you’re making too many statements. The look is so subtle, but it’s hard not to stare at them when they’re on your nails!”

Gradient Nails:


Whether it’s different shades of the same color or a rainbow on your fingertips, consider applying a different color to each nail to get an unforgettable manicure. “This is the style I think is best achieved with short nails,”

Polka Dots:


It’s a very easy nail art design. This can be done with many different tools and if you don’t have any tool this can be done with tooth pick or pin. You can apply any color base and put different colors dot on it.

Glitter Outline:


Recreate the look with a glitter polish and a toothpick (or tiny brush), dabbing carefully to create your outlines.



If you are willing to accept the challenge, look for some smaller letters on your nails. This is something unique and not everyone can do it.



If you are looking for something very easy and different, you need to get your hands-on on these colorful stickers which will make your nails classy. This will take less time. You can get these stickers easily from any store.

So after this article, we can clearly say that short nails are very easy to handle and manage. All these above 5 nail art designs for short nails are very easy that you can easily do at no time and without wasting any money on salon visits. Give these designs a try and you can never regret it!!!

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