Valuable Cuticle Сare Tips

The most important rules for achieving a perfect manicure

What is the cuticle?

It’s a thin strip of skin near the nail plate that performs a protective function. Manicure professionals advise against cutting the cuticle – it prevents bacteria and germs from penetrating to the base of the nails, allowing them to grow healthy, strong and beautiful. To keep the cuticle looking neat and tidy, make sure it’s properly groomed.

Do hand baths

Finally, getting your cuticles in order? A hand bath is a good place to start. Fill a small bowl with warm water and add a hand-softening solution. A shower gel or bath salt may also work, provided you don’t have any damaged or dry skin. A five-minute soak should be enough to steam the skin on your hands, soften the cuticles and thereby prepare them for further care.

Use removers

The next step in cuticle care is the application of a cuticle remover. This is a remover that helps to separate dead cuticle cells from living ones. It works in the same way as a peeling product and therefore often contains ingredients such as fruit acids. The removers are available in liquid or gel form; they are fast-acting and also soften the cuticle.

Pull back the cuticle

Rather than trim the cuticle, push it gently back using an orange stick. Avoid excessive pressure on the base of the nail. If too much pressure is applied, the nail may become uneven.

Massage the cuticle

Instead of squeezing the nail with a chopstick to push back the cuticle, gently massage the base of the nail along with the skin around it. It’s a good idea to apply a cream with moisturising ingredients, such as glycerine, to the cuticle beforehand. Rub it into the cuticle with light circular movements. Allow plenty of time for each nail, at least one minute.

Moisturise the cuticles

Use a hand cream on a regular basis and don’t forget to treat the skin around the nails or apply manicure oil. Apply it to the cuticle until it is completely absorbed.

Rio Minak

Written by Rio Minak

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