Tricks For An Amazing Nail Art

Nail art is an easy way to style your nails and grab everyone’s attention. Good and creative nail art makes you stand out at the party. Here’s how you can do it on your own while at home.

Who isn’t fond of flaunting long and beautiful nails that look attractive and bring in compliments? Nailart is the best way to style your nails and make them look elegant. Having appealing nails can boost your confidence while also helping you stay stylish, isn’t it? Nail polish alone is a very boring concept now whereas nail art has become very popular and is trending worldwide – from influencers to famous celebs sporting gorgeous nails. Nail art is an easy and beguiling way to style your nails. It offers you a large range of patterns to choose from that often match your outfits, mood, and lifestyle. Moreover, it makes you take some time out of your stressful life to focus on yourself.

Nail art is a canvas through which you can express yourself and create stunning patterns to stay stylish. It is not necessary to get it done from a specialized nail parlor as it can be instantly done at home by following some simple procedures. Nail art can be done by taping, sponging, painting with brushes. All you need is a variety of nail paints, toothbrushes, needles, and sponges. 

  1. Sponge bobbing

You can easily design your nails in an achromatic manner with the help of this technique. Begin with applying a base color on your nails and let them dry. Meanwhile, apply another shade of nail polish on the sponge and dab it over your nails. You get a gradient finish with a sprinkled effect. You can apply a top coat for a matte or gel finish. By dipping a thin brush in acetone, you can remove the extra edges.

2. Taping

Applying a base nail polish is an initial task. Once it dries, cut small pieces of tape and stick them on your nails to create patterns. Fill another shade in the leftover spaces that are visible after the tape application. Later, you can remove the tape slowly and gently to unravel your patterns.

3. Needle design

Apply a base nail paint, let it dry partially and you can apply another stroke of color in the middle of the nail. Use a needle and move it steadily in a zigzag manner to create stunning patterns. However, the needle can also be moved in a circular motion. You can also use the same procedure to draw flowers over your nails.

4. Polka dots

They really look cute and dazzle with all your outfits. Apply your favorite nail polish and draw dots over it using a bobby pin or a thin pointed brush. Use a different nail paint to do the same. Let it dry and add a transparent top coat for a radiant finish.

5. Graffiti nails

Tempting for colorful and cool graffiti? It can be achieved by an easy method. Apply a white base on your nail or else you can use any other shade. Apply nail paint over a toothbrush and sprinkle it haphazardly upon your nail. Repeat this technique with different colors and remove the extra edges with the use of acetone.

Following the above tricks, you can make creative designs for nail art. If you don’t get a good result in first go try again after all practice makes the man perfect. This nail art will look good and enhance your personality while you feel confident. It’s actually fun to play with different colors and patterns.

Nataly Tornel

Written by Nataly Tornel

It’s me Nataly! I really like nature, especially mountains and beaches. Taking photos of them is my favorite thing to do! I also think it’s important to take care of your nails. Let’s talk about nail care while we enjoy nature together!

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