Summer Nail Care: Essential Tips for Healthy and Fabulous Nails

Summer is here!

As a reminder, during the warm season, your nails, hands, and feet need special care because, in summer, they are more exposed to sunlight, water, wind, and dust than at other times of the year.

Follow these simple nail care instructions, and you’ll always get that fabulous manicure and pedicure in the summer of 2023.

Sun protection

Just like your skin and hair, your nails are exposed to UV rays and dry air during the summer. The cuticle gets dry and rough, leading to burrs and dry and brittle nails.

Gel polish can change color in summer: Gel polish gets fades in the sun and loses its luminosity. Please don’t be lazy to rub nail and cuticle oil twice a day and massage the base of the nail to nourish and moisturize their nails. This is just as necessary in summer as in winter when cuticles dry due to the cold and indoor heating. Be sure to apply oil before going to the beach and after contact with water! VIP Cuticle Oil with vitamins and minerals, for example.

Your soul demands bright colors and neon shades during summer, but the hot sun is relentless. The UV-protected top is essential to keep your nail polish from burning out and to prevent your clients from complaining about the fast fading of their color. In summer, nail technicians always secure gel polish with a Protect Glow Top top coat with UV protection filters which reliably protect the pigment from UV damage. The filter also contains Art Top, a collection of glitter topcoats in different shapes, and the glittering Shock Top. Your summer manicure stays bright and glossy!

Antiseptic hand and nail protection

In summer, we wear sandals and flip-flops, walk barefoot on the grass or the beach, picnic outdoors, and pick berries straight off the bush… To ensure pathogens don’t spoil these experiences, use an antibacterial hand and nail treatment. The nail bed is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and fungi.

Antibacterial gel is essential before a manicure procedure and in everyday life. Take Water Lily Antibacterial Hand Gel for barbecues or outings with children – it effectively disinfects hands and has a pleasant floral fragrance.

Open summer shoes or walk barefoot on wet sand or the pool – getting athlete’s foot fungus in the warmth of damp surfaces is easy. How can you protect yourself from nail fungus and care for your feet? For prevention, apply Rescue Essence to clean dry skin, nail plates, and cuticles three times a week. Organic tea tree oil is a powerful natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory component that prevents fungus, including under gel polish.
Have a beautiful bright summer and healthy, well-groomed nails!

What’s different about nail care at sea?

It’s a question that needs to be dealt with separately, and I’ll explain it in more detail later, but for now, let’s focus on the key points. The sea is a source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sea salt, which is useful for nails to grow strong and healthy. It’s with these substances that baths are recommended in winter. And at sea, all this is in its natural form. Therefore, it is better not to apply nail polish so that the nails can easily absorb all these minerals. After the bath, however, your hands should be rinsed with fresh water (as well as the rest of your body), or you can wipe them with a damp cloth, as the seawater can irritate.

Ashlee Haman

Written by Ashlee Haman

I really want to make the world a better place. But you know what’s also important? Looking after our beauty! On this site, I share everything I know. Let’s talk about nail routines and maybe make a positive change together!

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