Space manicure

Space-inspired nail design is hardly a new trend, as it won the hearts of girls and nail technicians a few years ago. But every year the nail aesthetics industry offers us more and more new space manicure options, which fill the image with magic, magic, and extraordinary appeal.

Without a doubt, space design looks incredibly original and unconventional, it’s an eye-catcher and attracts the girls who love to experiment and aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

The first attempts to depict the mysterious cosmos on nails looked rather simple and not spectacular enough: glitter and rhinestones were glued to dark shades of nail polish, and stickers were transferred. Nowadays the options of cosmic nail design are much more, and modern techniques and tools allow the creation of real nail masterpieces!

When creating a cosmic manicure with gel lacquer, you can cover your nails in navy blue and decorate them with silver stars, comets, and other celestial bodies of different sizes and shapes.

How to do a space manicure? It’s pretty simple! With the help of magnetic particles in nail polish and the magnet itself, beautiful shimmering swirls are created which resemble images of space. Various variations of the space manicure can also be created using sponges, stickers, and even small glitters. Time will tell if the Galactic manicure will become trendy this year, but it’s definitely worth trying to create a spectacular design!

Ashlee Haman

Written by Ashlee Haman

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