Some Trendy Nail Art Trends

We had to limit a lot of our monthly beauty routines as a result of the pandemic. However, now that nail salons have reopened around the world, the excitement about hearing about the latest manicure trends has returned, and the prospect of trying out a new nail shape or a sleek stenciled airbrush style has our fingers and toes jumping for joy.

However, if you’ve mastered quarantine, DIY nail trends will continue to be just as common as professional manicures. In addition, several new patterns are expected to emerge in 2020.

Here is a list of nail art design options you can do while staying at home like a pro:

Neon Colors:

This season, neon matte nail polishes are giving us a retro 80s vibe. Bright colors are big in 2021, and the matte finish is a stylish alternative to a high-gloss shine. If you’re trying to make a point, this is the pattern to follow.

 The bold colors add a fun edge to any manicure. “I tend to pair a neon polish with a deeper polish shade to keep it a bit grounded.” Said Kandalec.


Floral designs add an ultra-feminine vibe to any manicure and compliment a number of looks. These floral designs will make your hands looks so creative. You can do this design on your nails when you are going to any party.

Chain Nail Art:

Since most of us work from home, now is the ideal time to experiment with bold designs that you may not be able to pull off at work. To achieve this look, start with a strong neutral base, a simple dry topcoat, and one-inch lengths of nail art chains. Finish off the look by using a small amount of acrylic to apply a crystal.

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