Sand Effect Manicure

Sandy’s nail designs look equally adorable on the nails of young and established ladies. It’s perfect for a romantic date and a formal business meeting. Some fashionistas are interested in the features of plush design, execution techniques, useful tips, and pros and cons. Other young ladies want to learn about new trends in fashion and to see unusual velvet images on their nails.


It’s become fashionable to decorate your nails with soft sand and matte top. The result is a gorgeous, plush surface. The sand manicure looks luxurious and original. It’s created with a special powder called ‘velvet sand’.

Flock comes in several varieties. It can give your nails the appearance of velour, corduroy, cashmere, satin or suede. The final finish can be a matte finish. The color of the sand depends on the base gel and when mixed with it, the powder acquires its color. Interaction with varnish has no effect on the texture of the sand.

The sand manicure is great on both natural and artificial nails. All nail polishes are suitable. The plush manicure looks voluminous even without a top coat. Any design created with gel can be decorated with velvet or acrylic powder.

Rio Minak

Written by Rio Minak

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