Red Manicure: Trends 2022

It does not take much to get a trend-inspired manicure: if you have red nail polish in your beauty arsenal, that’s pretty much all you need. Red nails will always be in vogue, and an interesting design will help make them even more relevant.

Red manicures don’t get old – they’ve been on trend lists for years, and that’s because they really enhance the look. In 2022, red manicures are back on the trend list. It will bail out those who pay attention to their nails and want their hands to look sleek and feminine.

Round and oval nails

Combined with this shape, a coat of red nail polish is a manicure classic. Rounded nails (both short and long) with red nail polish are a must for girls whose style can be described as feminine and austere.

Almond nails

Choose red nail polish for medium-length almond nails. They are characterized by a sharpened look that will look more predatory than graceful if you grow your nails out a lot (and paint them with a color like red).

Square nails

Both the soft square and the shape with sharp corners have good compatibility with the red manicure. In addition to a monochrome finish, these nails will also benefit from a graphic design in red.

Sharp nails

Girls who are not afraid of bold beauty accents can cover their long, sharp nails with red nail polish, but there is a risk that this manicure will look vulgar. Try a design that plays off the sharp tips instead of a single-color finish.

Red manicure ideas for short nails

A monochrome red manicure makes short nails look neater and more groomed.

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Written by Rio Minak

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