Red and Gold Color Nail Art Ideas

Red and gold are synonyms for the epitome of luxury. This is the best combination of emotional and compassionate colors. The red color is a symbol of love, trust, and strength, and the golden color is a symbol of charm, compassion, and class.

Nail artists use a combination of these colors around the world. The design pattern and application method may differ, but the shades are the same. These colors of Manicure bring elegance to your manicure. Whether you use dark red, acrylic, gold flakes, or glitter, use this powerful and captivating rose gold combo to perfect your look for a lovely nail look. Ready to add red and gold magic? If so, then read on and check out the dark red and gold nailart looks that will make you feel glittering, beautiful, and confident all day long.

Follow are some nail art designs:

  • Dark red with golden stud:

The good thing is that the red color has several shades. You can use dark red, tangerine red, and maroon and add glitz to your nails with some chunky glitter and golden stud.

  • The red-gold half:

It is the best dark red and gold nail design. Paint your nails with dark red as a base and then apply the shiny gold on the one-half of red nails to make them a glossy gold red nail look.

  • Gold accent nail:

This design will highlight your red nails with chunky gold glitter. Paint your nails with red and then use ombre glitter on them. Now fill them completely with gold glitters.

  • Golden striping tape on red:

Use red color as a base and then make a good pattern with golden striping tapes. Now complete this nail look by adding studs.

  • Golden secret:

Nail red is a microcosm of class and style, but a touch of gold makes it even more attractive. Paint your nails with dark red paint and then use gold paint on the tips of the red nails to complement this design.

  •  Ultra Shine:

If you like red shiny nail looks, this Ultra Shine look is perfect for you. To achieve this nail look, apply gold glitter to the center of the red nail.

  •  Quadrant Nail Design:

If you like the classic nail look, give it a try. First, divide the nail into four quadrants, then paint each quadrant with red or gold to achieve that smooth nail look.

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Written by Rio Minak

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