Oriental manicure

When it comes to beauty and luxury, the jewelry and outfits of Oriental beauties are the envy of all. Girls all over the world tend to try on elements of Indian culture, including decorating their bodies with Mehendi – henna patterns. Legends have it that they protect against bad luck and bring good fortune. But what about using these intricate patterns as nail design elements? Fans of unusual manicures have already done it and we dare to share interesting ideas with you.

If you’re looking to create a glamorous and unconventional manicure, you’ll want to consider oriental motifs.

The Oriental manicure is characterized by deep, dark tones and the richness and glamour of gold shimmers and gemstones. Various ornaments, far from the traditional European patterns, reflect the beauty and originality of the East. There are two groups of oriental designs:

  • Indian manicures: peacock feathers Mehendi patterns, paisleys (also called Indian cucumbers);
  • Arabian manicure: floral and floral patterns in oriental colors, a variety of ornate scrolls.

Classic oriental manicure shades include emerald, indigo, deep burgundy, brick, beige, scarlet and deep orange. But this list is limited only by your imagination and skill level, as there are no bans on the use of other colors.

For a true oriental manicure, you can resort to using gold acrylic paint, large rhinestones, and beads. If you prefer an Arabian style, keep in mind that straight lines are alien to this style. On the contrary, the patterns should be as intricate and ornate as possible. But straight lines can be used when depicting multicolored mosaics, one of the most common elements of the oriental style, on your nails.

Many accessories can be found on the market to simulate a mosaic on the nails, such as special foil with a “broken glass” effect, decorative rhombuses, or shells that can be crushed. It is best to cover such a pattern with a stained-glass varnish: thanks to this it will be possible to achieve a unique luxury and depth of the decor. An oriental mosaic manicure will also look good on short nails.

Nataly Tornel

Written by Nataly Tornel

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