New Year Nail Art Designs

The last month of 2021 is here and we are all ready for the New Year. I hope this new year brings good luck to our lives. Are you ready for the 2021 New Year? Make this month your fashion statement, but give your nails stunning nail art and give it a whole new look. Get ready, shape your nails, get the perfect manicure and get your attention by making this year a memorable one with your style statement. Here are some trendy nail art designs that will make you look great. Get flashy fingers with these trendy nailart designs.

Gold and Natural Nail Art

Gold and natural nail designs are a great way to indulge in nail art trends without looking overly extravagant. If you have a stable hand or are a skilled manicurist, you can neutrally draw a gold design. Alternatively, decals are a simple and easy way to create beautiful patterns.

Modern Color Palette Nail Art

If you want to get involved in the nail art trend, but are probably not very proficient in manicure brushes, this modern color palette is for you. All you need is some color painted on the various nails. It’s simple yet breathtaking. It’s a good idea to start with three colors. In addition, choosing a color from the same side of the color wheel will prevent the appearance from colliding.

Black and White Nail Art Design

Black and white are such a classic combination. It makes sense to apply it to modern nail art. This look is very versatile and can be adapted to most designs. Keep it simple with thin black lines that intersect the white nails, add zigzag lines or opt-out of black on a white background and white on a black background. To prevent the appearance from becoming cluttered, paint a part of the nail with block color to fix the design. This is especially nice if your flashy nails have a busy pattern like stripes.

Floral Nail Art Design

Who needs a bouquet when you can wear flowers on your fingers all day long? This floral nail art is perfectly beautiful and is perfect for brunch with girls or weekend picnics. Choose any kind of flower of any color to personalize this look. However, neutral palettes are extremely portable and versatile. If you have stable hands or are a good manicurist, you can hand-paint any type of flower. In the meantime, if you don’t know how to make this design free, stickers and stencils are great alternatives.

Colored Tips Nail Art

Nail tape will be your best friend when you make these colorful nail art piercings. The color combination you choose can be anything you like, but combine it for a modern look. An important step for this look to work is to make sure you let each stripe dry completely before you space it up for the next row. So patience is very important.

Red and White Nail Art

Red and white is such a classic combination that it has to appear in this collection of nail art designs. Like any quality color combination, this will look great in any design – stripes, dots, waves, or herringbone.


Nataly Tornel

Written by Nataly Tornel

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