New Nail Art Trends For 2022

Do you know nail art trends for 2022?

We’re only a few days away from spring (but who matters?). Honestly, with all the bright, fun colors and spring 2022 fashion trends shown recently at NYFW, you can’t fault me ​​for wanting to upgrade these dull colors for a few months. Next time I can start wearing all the new nail art trends in spring 2022? Nothing makes me happier than pastel nail polish and a floral print shirt, and luckily this spring is filled with both. If you think soft neutrals are better than moody winter colors, you’ll want to take a look at a bunch of spring trends that you’ll wear throughout the season. And as a nice little bonus, I’ve added the products you need to try out for yourself. Now go to scroll/buy/screenshot.

Bright Nails:

What are New Year celebrations without wearing bright colors???

Floral Nails:

Possibly the only thing more springtime than turquoise nail polish is floral nail design.

Pastel Pink Nails:

When in doubt, especially in the spring, paint your nails in pretty pastel pink. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing tops with bright, colorful prints, like Brandon Maxwell’s signature style, or something more subdued, pink is always a good choice.

Creative Black Design:

Dark nail polish isn’t an obvious choice for spring, but when you pair it with minimalist nail art, it works. The scalloped edges and negative space shown on Peter Do’s nails always look light and airy.

Zebra Nails:

One look at Rodarte stood out among the rest, and it was these zebra-print nails. 

You can play with these types of nailart designs on your nail for this spring. One-color nail color is also trending this season. So pick up your favorite shade and apply it to your hand and make it look classy. These nail art trends are trending for the new year.

Try these nail art designs and let us know.

Nataly Tornel

Written by Nataly Tornel

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