Nail Art Designs That You Can Easily Do at Home

To find simple nail art patterns to replicate at home is not so simple. Swiping on a single color of polish without putting it all over one’s cuticles, much alone free-handing any form of a nail art pattern, is a challenge that almost everyone has faced at some point. And that’s a pity if you enjoy having intricate nails. As much as we enjoy a trip to the nail salon, even a monthly manicure with the added cost of nail art can wreak havoc on most people’s budgets.

It may seem impossible to paint your own nails at home, but luckily, there are some nail designs that almost anyone can nail (see what we did there?) without years of experience or training. As a result, we went online to uncover 14 of the most simple nail designs ever created and decided to compile them all in one location.

Polka dots Nail Art:

Every time you remove a bobby pin from your hair, you’re likely to leave it on the bathroom counter, where it will be knocked on the floor and never seen again. Instead, pull the two prongs as far apart as you can and use it as a dotting tool for nail polish.

You can dip one of its beaded ends into your nail polish bottle until it’s lightly coated, then use that to gently place polish onto your nail dot by dot.

Neon Nails:

Do you remember using those donut-shaped stickers in school to mend hole-punched paper that shredded and dropped out of your binder? When it comes to creating these French manicure-inspired neon tips, those little stickies turn out to be a very useful nail-art tool. If you are a student or live with one, you may already have some. Otherwise, you can get them from your local office supply store for a few dollars.

Doodle Nail Art:

As illustrated by nail artist Kate Bonar, the daydreaming doodles you’ve sketched on the margins of your notebook page might really serve as inspiration for your at-home manicure. Bonar recommends using a fine-tipped brush and a “high-pigmented color for the design to ensure it pops” while applying your doodles to your nails.

Stripes Nail Art:

Isn’t there anything that a splash of color can’t fix? Recreate this design made by nail artist Nataszija Moore to add some vivacity to your nails. Moore says she created the double-stripe appearance with an 11-millimeter brush, which is about 0.4 inches wide. In a nutshell, this design necessitates the use of an extremely fine brush. Moore recommends waiting until the first side is dry before moving on to the second after filling in one line with your preferred polish. This design demonstrates that an intricate pattern is not required to improve your at-home manicure skills.

Glitters Nail Art:

Glitters are the favorite thing for all the girls who love nail art or painted nails. You can play with glitters depending on what you want. You can paint your fingernails with any of your favorite shades and apply glitter nail color on your ring fingernail. Another thing you can do with glitter is to paint the nail tip with the glitter nail color. Or you can apply glitter nail color on your full nails.

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