Marble Manicure – The Perfect Duo Of Simplicity And Luxury

Despite the fact that modern fashion offers ladies a huge variety of nail designs for every taste, more and more ladies prefer the relatively young trend of “marble stone”, namely unobtrusive patterns that mimic the structure of marble on the nails. This design looks unusual and at first, a glance may seem a little monotonous. However, in fact, the marble manicure involves applying a variety of patterns on the nail plates and can be implemented in a huge number of ideas.

Marble nails – features and trends

The marble manicure is a chaotic arrangement of flowing lines and stains on the nail plates, created by simultaneously blending several shades of nail polish, resulting in a finish that resembles a pattern on a stone of the same name. The bases for such pictures are usually white, black, grey and other discreet colors, thanks to which this kind of design ideally complements any image and suits fashionable women of any age category. At the same time it is not forbidden to experiment with techniques and decorations, and also to use them for creating a marble nail in brighter shades, for example, red, because, as we have already said, the marble effect can be implemented in a variety of ideas.

The magic of black.

The depth and elegance of black are simply amazingly combined on nails with various marbled patterns, resulting in a manicure that not only looks stylish and eye-catching but also fascinates with its versatility. The patterns in this case are applied in lighter grey or white lacquer, and the design itself can be either matte or glossy. The list of trends includes laconic marble design on all fingertips and surprising combinations of stone texture with other shades of coatings, geometric compositions with characteristic patterns, and a combination of marble with glitter or shiny stripes. Also, the variations in foil patterns are definitely worth looking at. The use of silver or gold-colored material will add a certain sparkle to the coverage, while colored variations of decoration will make the manicure less austere.

Classic white.

The manicure design “marble stone”, performed in classic white is considered the most popular and in demand because no other nail color is able to fully convey the gracefulness of the strokes and lines that are the hallmark of marble design. The snow-white base with chaotic thin stripes of dark or neutral color looks very beautiful and fascinating. That said unless you’re using stamping, duplicating the patterns from nail to nail is simply not possible. A white marble manicure will look appropriate with any style of dress, the more so, that it is always possible to diversify the design with wax, glitter, and various decorations. An especially interesting solution can be called a tandem of the classic French with white marble when the characteristic patterns highlight a pair of nails, and thin shiny strips duplicate the lines and the smile line.

The brightness of red

No matter how striking and flamboyant red nail polish looks, it can always be used to create a concise and versatile manicure: Firstly, red in all its variations is perfect to complement any style of dress. Secondly, it is the perfect base for all kinds of ideas. And thirdly, red combines beautifully with many shades which, in turn, smooth out its saturation. As for the use of red nail polish for marbled nail art, in this case, designers highlight the relevance of combined manicures and full coverage of red base patterns. In the first example, the red coating is combined with one or two lighter or whiter nails with characteristic marble streaks of grey, black, or even identical to the main color. In another variation, dark patterns are applied directly to the red base. Fine glitter can be used as a complement, or the design can be applied to foil imprints.

The simplicity of grey

Due to the fact that gray is in the list of base colors of marble nail design, various variations of this manicure in gray tones simply cannot look unsuccessful. This very interesting look attracts attention, not only duo combinations of gray with white or black, but also the original trio, which includes both basic and any other shades, such as pink. These can be laconic and discreet design ideas in which the patterns are applied directly to the grey base, or they can be various combined ideas with colored marbles, rhinestones, foil, and other additions.

The romance of pink

Pink shades of nail polish always look unobtrusive and subconsciously tune in to a romantic mood, so the idea of creating a marble nail in these tones will certainly appeal to dreamy individuals and those who wish to temporarily switch to a more laconic manicure idea.


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