Manicure in the top shade of 2023 – you’re sure to love the way it looks!

The Pantone Color Institute has named Viva Magnetic the color of 2023. And you’ll definitely want to get a manicure in this shade – because it’s so lush and feminine!

The institute’s experts believe that Viva Magnetic is “a strong and bold touch that brings something alive and real to the world of technology”.

On long nails, the color 2023 reveals its full force and depth its fullness, depth, and brightness. It doesn’t even have to be complemented Viva Magenta looks complete and full-bodied, even without auxiliary decorations. The shade looks harmonious on any oval, almond, style, or square.

Magenta also looks good on short nails, but there’s considerably less room for imagination. The best solution is to go with a monochrome finish without design so you get a stylish, uncluttered manicure.

We give you different ideas for the color of the year.

Rio Minak

Written by Rio Minak

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