Manicure Ideas And Examples For Almond Nails

Long almond-shaped nails, with pointed tips, are more popular than ever. What manicure should be chosen for them? Not long ago, long nails were off-trend. They were considered to be a bit of a fashion statement. Much more so, the beauty gurus favored short-cut oval nails or the ‘soft square’ shape. Now, when you look at the manicure of the biggest stars, almost all of them choose not only long nails but also an original shape – almond-shaped. To create it, the nails are filed off at the tips to create a sharper edge. Following the example of their idols, many girls in ordinary life also choose the almond shape.

Although it is graceful, those who opt for it cannot do without difficulties. The fact is that growing your nails strong and strong, and then keeping them that way at great lengths is in most cases an impossible task. So you have to turn to a manicurist for a manicure extension. But then the almond shape opens up great nail art possibilities.

Everything looks good on almond nails: creamy lacquers, glitter lacquers, Ombre effects, sandy coatings, matte textures, simple minimalistic graphics, intricate designs, French and moonlight manicures, marbling, broken glass, and cat’s eye. Since the surface of long almond nails is large enough, the manicurist can “go wild” and create designs of any imagination.

What should you remember when creating a manicure with an almond nail design?

Light shades visually enlarge the nail plate, while darker shades, on the contrary, narrow and shorten it. If the nail length requires correction, it can be done with color.

With almond-shaped nails, care must be taken to ensure that the gap between the cuticle and the lower edge of the nail polish application does not become too large. Almond nails tend to be long as it is, and a large gap will make their length look gaudy rather than graceful.

Look for design ideas for almond nails in social media pics. Check out our selection for the most successful photos.

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