French Manicure Ideas 2023: Photo New Trendy Designs

Manicure trends change every season, but the classic French manicure is always in vogue.

The French manicure is the kind of design that looks perfect on nails of all shapes: almond, oval, ballerina, stiletto and of course the square. The only French thing about this manicure, though, is its name. The French burst into nail art in 1970 and is still considered the most elegant and versatile design today. At the time, it was the perfect way for actresses to change into a dress without changing their nail polish.

Today, the French manicure is undergoing something of a metamorphosis and returning to the nail art scene in various versions, much to our delight.

In 2023, you can update your French manicure with glitter, different colors, patterns, and a range of unique ideas. Trends of the season:

  1. The classic French manicure, which combines a perfect white stripe with a delicate pink base, is sure to be a trend this season.
  2. Double French manicure. A double french manicure in beautiful nude tones is perfect to lift your spirits this season.
  3. A colorful French manicure. In 2023, choose the trendy shade of nail polish and replace the usual white French stripe with it. Blue, red, black, green, purple, and many others look great.
  4. Animal prints such as leopard, zebra, or tortoise shells are perfect for creating a trendy french look in 2023.
  5. French manicure with a pattern. These can be themed designs of the season, such as a snowflake, flower or leaf, or abstract, geometric patterns.
  6. French manicure with sequins. Rich glitter in silver or gold will look chic in place of the white stripe on nails of all lengths and shapes.
  7. Stretch with glitter is also a variation of modern French, where glitter is applied to the tip of the nail and stretches down to the base of the nail bed.
Nataly Tornel

Written by Nataly Tornel

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