Falling for Nails: Trendsetting Manicures for Autumn 2023

It is time to change your light fragrance for a velvety autumn one, to look at the current haircuts and, of course, to update your manicure design vishlist. We tell you what shades of nail polish you should choose this season, what shape of nails to prefer and, finally, what designs will be relevant in autumn 2023. We are sure that after reading this guide you will have no problems with choosing a manicure for any occasion.

Current manicure designs for the fall

Traditionally, fall is the time when manicure really comes into its own. After the summer season, when you want lightness (no wonder naked nails and glazed nails gained popularity in this period), many people, on the contrary, begin to prefer darker colors and “heavy” designs. We’ve gathered 6 nail tricks that you should pay attention to this fall.

Navy Blue Shades

After the boom of pink, which lasted all summer, the palette of actual shades has changed – it seems that in the coming fall, it will no longer be barbicore that will rule the ball in manicure. According to analytical agencies, shades of blue and blue will be the most popular. However, this has already been felt, and realized by many celebrities and their nail designers. Such a manicure can be simply monochrome or chrome, and it should be combined with natural shapes (“oval” and “soft square”).

Classic French

Good news for fans of the French manicure! Over the past few seasons, we’ve been looking for alternatives to the classic French manicure, but this coming fall, it’s the one that will be at the peak of popularity again. And if the combination of a white stripe on the tip of the nail and a translucent base seems too minimalistic to you, you can give the trend Tuxedo Nails and do the stripe in black. This design will go great with both short nails and medium length nails.

Black Glitter Nails Designs

Olivia Rodrigo, Heidi Klum, and Lucy Boynton are bringing back the glam-grunge black manicure trend in their Wansday-era. This fall, take note of the “short black nails + square shape” and “long black nails + almond shape” formulas. And if you like to go bold, add a chain design in the spirit of BDSM-core, which is already on our heels.

Scarlet manicure

A scarlet manicure is a timeless classic that is always appropriate. This fall, give preference to a monochrome coating without designs – in this case, the manicure will add elegance to your image and will look “expensive” on your nails (don’t forget that old money is still with us).

Wavy Lines

Despite the fact that nail designs continue to lose their relevance and we are increasingly seeing monochrome coatings, this season will be relevant minimalist manicure with wavy lines. Choose a neutral lacquer and add a few chaotic wavy lines of black or white shades (it is better to portray them vertically to visually make the nail plate longer).

“Naked” Nails

Nataly Tornel

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