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We are excited to have nail salons reopened nationwide and promise to get fun nail art. From new interpretations of classic French hints to minimalist dots and whimsical brushstrokes, these are the most beautiful and whimsical nail art DIY Nail Art designs required this summer.

French Update

Classic French hints are back with a twist! Whether it is neon pop or a thin crescent-shaped line drawn with a nail art brush, the unexpected accents can give this timeless design a fresh new look.

Negative Space

Negative space Playing in the nail space is an absolutely surefire way to try out nail art. Instead of painting the entire nail in a bold color, let the transparent base show through in places.

Minimalist Dots

This minimalist design is a great starting point for those unfamiliar with nail art who like something a little more delicate. Select two paint tones (one for the base and one for the dots), or a chic, barely visible version for the clear base coat as the background.

Line Drawing

Reproduce this stunning design by Vancouver-based nail artist and CND ambassador Winnie Huang. Choose a transparent base color to make the swirling lines shine.

Stitched Tips

This clever nail art trick gives bare tips a fashion-forward update in seconds.

Brush Stroke

This pretty pastel design is created by layering different shades of varnish on a transparent base, slowly dragging the varnish brush onto your nails, and flapping it to create a brushstroke effect.

Follow these DIY nail art designs to create an easy NailArt look and comment us below.

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Written by Ashlee Haman

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