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Different Types of Nail Art

Nail art is related to the art of drawing and drawing different types of designs on nails. There are several techniques for adding spice to your nails with exclusive nail art decorations. Nail art can be categorized based on these techniques. It has gained a lot of popularity and is now part of the fashion trend. Nail art techniques include sponge, taping, brush painting or drawing, and digital nail art. These are shown below and further explained in context.

Brush Painting:

This technique, like any other picture, allows you to use a variety of the most effective brushes. Generally, we recommend those with synthetic hair. You can use these brushes to draw any template. However, it takes a minimum of practice and skill to get the perfect shot. There are several types of brushes. Examples: angled, flat, line, detail, dot, etc. It can be used to form different kinds of beautiful patterns on the nails.

You can use this technique to get nail gradient and achromatic designs. The finish obtained after using the sponge can be mottled and scattered. You can use all kinds of sponges, including art, paint, and makeup, depending on the effect you want and the design you expect. Usually, apply a base coat and let it dry, then apply it to your nails with a sponge with nail polish. You can place the sponge gently or quickly, depending on the design you want to create. You can use a chemical product called acetone to remove excess edges.


Nail stamping techniques, the image printed on the nail must first be covered with a thick layer of special nail polish on the image plate. Later, it can be used firmly across the spatula, so only the nail polish will be visible as a residue of the pattern. Then use the stamp to cream the image with rolling vibrations and systematize this image into the nails.

You can use the template. It is embedded in the dry nail polish layer and serves as the background for the template image. Then the template is applied exactly to the nail. Like the wallpaper, the entire nail is painted with different colored nail polish. After that, when it dries after a while, remove the pattern and make a pattern similar to the pattern.

First the base color is applied to the nail, then the tape is finally cut and later glued to the nail. Pieces of tape are applied to the area of the nail left on the base color itself. You can then apply the next layer of the desired color to the unified nail. Finally, you can carefully remove the tape.

Nail Stickers & Décor:

Art stickers and decals are new funky ways to embellish your nails beautifully. There is not much effort to be done in such a case. Also, with a great variety of these stickers and decals in the market, one has an easy way to choose from. But, one should make sure of the placement of the stickers and decals appropriately on the nails.

Marble style:

Water Marble Nail is a nail art technique that drops nail veneers into clear water, creates a pattern on the surface of the water, and transfers the pattern to the nail. This technique is very popular these days because it allows you to create multiple designs.

Water Color Painting:

Sharpy nails resemble watercolors and actually look pretty. You can also use this Sharpie technique to create smart and accurate designs. You can write irregularly on paraffin paper without a dapper bowl. Alternatively, a plastic sandwich bag may sound like a good option. However, before applying the final topcoat, make sure the required design is completely dry. Otherwise, everything gets dirty here and there, wasting time and energy.

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