Delicate french with translucent effect: the perfect manicure for women

Love a delicate manicure in nude colors? Then you’re sure to love these styles – in subtle shades of beige, milk, and pink and with subtle but very subtle shimmery details.

It’s impossible not to love French manicures. After all, it can be so different that you’re sure to find something beautiful just for you!

So, this time we’ve decided to find new french ideas for those who don’t like bright shades and accents. Or if you need to adhere to a strict dress code because of school or work.

By the way, this type of French is ideal for an age-appropriate manicure. It will not draw attention to the possible presence of pigmentation and will visually make your hands lighter and softer.

French manicures in light shades can be almost invisible on the nails. Especially if you choose delicate pastel colors for the border.

Glitter polishes only at first glance seem very flashy and inappropriate for a formal manicure. See how neat they look in these variations. These designs can only be admired – even by the strictest dress code critics.

We especially love the fact that this delicate manicure goes equally well with any precious metal jewelry. In addition, it won’t detract from the colour combinations of your clothes and becomes a subtle (though not immediately noticeable) detail of the look.

Rio Minak

Written by Rio Minak

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