Cat’s Eye Manicure

The cat-eye manicure is one of the hottest nail trends at the moment. Here’s an overview of on-trend designs that will be the perfect complement to your beauty look.

With some nail trends wandering from season to season, it’s no surprise that many girls want to step outside the box and try something a little more original. In this case, a cat’s eye manicure, named for its similarity to the mineral chrysoberyl (or cymophane), popularly known as cat’s eye, is the perfect solution.

A big plus of this manicure is its versatility: it will look great with both casual and evening looks. The classic version of the manicure itself is interesting, but beyond that, many masters, armed with imagination, come up with bright author variations. Let’s review the most trendy designs in 2022 together.

Silver cat’s eye

One of the classic manicure variations, but thanks to the silver color it looks more festive and evening. Just pick the right shade and accents and the manicure will instantly become more versatile and casual.

Cat’s eye 5D, 7D


Specialty lacquers contain several types of multi-colored metallic particles, allowing you to create a neon voluminous glare on a dark background. This manicure looks absolutely unreal. And when combined with various art techniques for cat-eye, the effect is only intensified, resulting in a very unusual and creative design. The shade of the polish depends on the lighting, but there will invariably be two bands of color.

Cat’s eye with a rainbow prism 


Prismatic gel polish is a relatively recent phenomenon and has become hugely popular. It is also called ‘rainbow cat’s eye’. The feature of this variation is the iridescent glare: as the prism spreads light in a spectrum, the metal particles of this varnish reflect light in different ways, forming a rainbow on the surface of the nail.

Cat’s eye with a reflective effect

At first glance, this nail design looks like a classic coat with glitter. However, add light and you’ll immediately see what’s so special and charming about this nail polish. In addition to the pattern of metallic fractions, a characteristic glare appears on the surface, providing the coating with more depth and originality.

Cat’s eye “space”

The creators of this technique were clearly inspired by astronomy, in particular the dragon constellation nebula, which bears the same name. To achieve this effect, the craftsman uses several shades of nail polish with metallic particles. The nail surface is filled with them in a random pattern, and then, using a magnet, the glitter is moved to the desired location or shape. This effect perfectly complements the design of constellations or nebulae.

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