Brazilian manicure

What is a Brazilian manicure, what are its purposes and why is it better than a classic manicure?

A trend in recent years in the beauty and fashion markets is the search for and use of traditional and sustainable materials. The Brazilian manicure is undoubtedly one of these finds, combining innovation with natural ingredients.

Manicure trend. The fashion for all things healthy and natural never wanes. In the area of beauty and body care, particular attention is given to this trend. A manicure that combines innovation and the use of natural ingredients is just one more proof of this trend.

The Brazilian manicure has won over many women with its combination of nail care and spa treatment.

Benefits of a Brazilian manicure

Benefits of a Brazilian manicure include:

Sterility and safety. Everything needed for the procedure is individually packaged and disposed of after use, and the technique is designed to minimize the possibility of injury.

Universality. The treatment can be performed on everyone, regardless of skin type.

Effective care for your hands. Thanks to its special formulation, Brazilian manicure glove cream has a nourishing, moisturizing, and rejuvenating effect on your skin. In addition, the cream improves the condition of nail plates, smoothing them and restoring their natural color.


What exactly is in the cream?

The Brazilian manicure cream contains the following beneficial ingredients:

Tea tree oil – has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties;

Hamamelis – strengthens and whitens nails, accelerates skin regeneration;

Allantoin – excellent anesthetic, stimulates healing of micro-injuries, renews, and makes skin softer.

Keratin – promotes regeneration of skin and nails, makes them stronger, and smoother, and restores their natural color.

Calcium – like keratin, contributes to the regeneration and strengthening of nails.

R236-Polymer is a plant extract that has a smoothing and whitening effect on the nail plate.

Emollient Softener – softens nail seals and skin, and enables easy removal of excess cuticles.

Brazilian manicure, how is it done?

A Brazilian manicure is performed in several stages:

treatment of the hands with disinfectants;

Giving the nails the shape, shortening the length if necessary;

Applying special gloves with cream (put on hands for 5-7 minutes, then the tips of the gloves are removed along the break line);

Removing excess cuticles with an orange wand (gloves left on)

Hand massage;

Nail coating, and art design at the client’s request.

We invite you to have a Brazilian manicure at our salon. This procedure will not leave you indifferent!

The duration of the procedure is 45 minutes.

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