Beauty’s nails: 3 top rules for Monica Bellucci’s manicure

Remember Monica Bellucci’s ironclad beauty rules that she strictly adheres to when it comes to nail care.

One of the biggest beauties of our time, Monica Bellucci, has a particular grooming routine. For instance, we know that the actress loves to dilute her shampoo with mineral water and rub olive oil into her hair roots. Monica’s manicure routine is also meticulously applied. Here are her top 3 beauty secrets for her nails.

No cropped manicure

Monica Bellucci strictly forbids nail technicians to trim her cuticles. The reason is simple: after a few days of this manicure, the skin around the star’s nails becomes red, sore and swollen. To avoid this, the actress only allows the cuticle to be pushed back gently so that it doesn’t build up too much.

The nude palette

To make her nails look natural and well-groomed at the same time, the actress most often prefers to cover them with clear or flesh-colored nail polish. Sometimes Monica gets manicures in soft pink, lavender, or sandy brown tones. For going out, Bellucci chooses nail polishes in the same shades, only with a slight addition of glitter.

Bright nails just for photo shoots

Monica can also be seen wearing bright nail polish, but this is rare. The star doesn’t dare to experiment like that in real life, but for photo shoots she can go for something more intense: usually noble red or burgundy shades, which add to her image of sexuality.

Nataly Tornel

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