Ballerina’s Nails Are Back In Fashion: Some Neat Examples Of Stylish Manicures For Everyday

Ballerina’s nails are taking TikTok by storm! Yes, this nail shape is far from new, but the trends are designed specifically to cycle back to us. Here are 5 cool manicure ideas for nails that visually resemble pointe nails.

Fashion and TikTok have long been inextricably linked. It’s female users of this popular platform that have recently been setting the trends that the world is then rapidly joining in.

Recently, feminine ballerina nails have regained their former popularity. Tiktokers are happy to file their pointe nails and experiment with different designs and share the results with their virtual friends on the web.

Renowned nail gurus also confirm that ballerina’s nails are one of this winter’s hottest trends. Their popularity they explain simply: a manicure with this shape looks very clean, graceful, and incredibly feminine. Given that in recent years girls around the world have taken a course toward naturalness and minimalism, the craze for such an interesting nail shape seems quite logical.

If you want to experiment with fancy manicures too, make an appointment with a professional nail technician. To create this shape, you’ll probably need extensions, as long nails are the coolest on a ballerina’s nails, and it’s not easy to grow them on your own.


However, that doesn’t mean you can’t replicate this manicure at home. If your own length allows it, start by filing the ends of your nails square and then rounding and narrowing them slightly so that they resemble ballerina pointe shoes. Be careful with the file: don’t make your nails too sharp.

When the shape is ready, the best part is choosing a design. Of course, you can do something bright and unusual, but in our opinion, ballerina’s nails look best when combined with pastel and nude shades of nail polish. These examples will serve as your inspiration before your next manicure. Whether to add rhinestones, drawings or other unusual elements is up to you!

Nataly Tornel

Written by Nataly Tornel

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