Back To The ’90s: The ‘Vampire Nail’ Manicure

Sharp nails in manicures are back in fashion, but already in a more unusual role using original and interesting designs. According to fashionable nail masters, in 2017 it is common to wear pointed nails, in which the angle can vary depending on the individual preferences of the fashionista. Slightly pointed nails of medium length look very elegant and feminine, while long pointed nails will add boldness and make the image bold.

  • Delicate pastel tones with pointed nails in a manicure. Spiky nails in powder, soft pink, and apricot tones will look quite elegant, charming, and feminine. Such nails won’t look intimidating, but rather will give you an original and charming look.

  • Sharp nails in a gemstone manicure. A perfect design for sharp nails would be a manicure in the form of gemstones. These can be granite, opal, quartz, or marble.

  • Sharp nails in a mirrored manicure. For an original design, two trends can be combined at once: vampire claws and a mirrored metallic finish.

  • Sharp nails in a chameleon manicure. Shimmering different shades on the sharp nails will look very stylish and dramatic. And with a matte finish, your nails will look even more dramatic.

  • Black sharp nails in a manicure. For a more minimalist manicure with sharp nails, opt for matte black accented on one nail. A stylish manicure will give your look grace and elegance.

Nataly Tornel

Written by Nataly Tornel

It’s me Nataly! I really like nature, especially mountains and beaches. Taking photos of them is my favorite thing to do! I also think it’s important to take care of your nails. Let’s talk about nail care while we enjoy nature together!

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