Are Your Nails Breaking? The Body Lacks Zinc!

Every woman knows that beauty is made up of little things. And these little things are not just clothes and accessories, but also a woman’s hair, skin, and nails. The condition of the nails in general is considered an indicator of overall health. Anyway, problems with the nails indicate a deficit of some important microelements and vitamins. One of them is zinc.

How is zinc related to nail condition?

The highest concentrations of zinc are in bones, hair, nails, and skin. When the zinc content in these organs and tissues decreases, it is visible to the naked eye – in particular when it comes to hair and nails. Many women blamed their nails on constant exposure to household chemicals, frequent housework, cooking, and lack of time for proper nail care. Many people think that this is why their nails have become more brittle, cloudy, or delaminated.

In fact, ordinary household products, like dishwashing liquid that gets on a woman’s hands every day, can’t do much damage to really strong nails. And they are strong thanks to zinc. It promotes the synthesis of protein which provides nail growth. Cosmetology often uses external agents containing zinc, which are applied to the nails. However, this is only a temporary solution to the problem. The body needs to get enough zinc to keep your nails strong, unbroken, and unbreakable.

How do I provide my body with zinc?

Firstly, the body gets zinc from food. Zinc is fairly high in pumpkin seeds, peanuts, sesame seeds, calf’s liver, goat’s milk, and dark chocolate. Secondly, you can help your body and make up for zinc deficiency by taking a dietary supplement containing zinc in a dose close to the daily dose. In particular, Zincite, produced in Germany, contains 10 mg of zinc, which is the equivalent of a daily dose. Zinc will also continue to be ingested with food. This trace element does not accumulate in the body and no zinc depots are formed, so zinc must be continuously supplied.

How quickly will my nails improve after taking Cinquite?

The process of zinc saturation is rather slow – it is recommended to take zinc supplements for one month. Note that the effect of taking zinc will not be immediately noticeable in your nails. However, after a while, your nails will be stronger, less likely to break, and less likely to split.
Of course, it’s important not to forget about the care of your nails. Use products to protect and strengthen your nails, nourishing oils for the nails and cuticles, and make sure you wear gloves when you need to use harsh detergents in the home.
Zinc supplementation will not only improve the condition of your nails but also your hair, skin, and body in general. Thanks to Zincite, you will feel confident in any situation, because you have considered all the details and have taken care of your beauty!

Nataly Tornel

Written by Nataly Tornel

It’s me Nataly! I really like nature, especially mountains and beaches. Taking photos of them is my favorite thing to do! I also think it’s important to take care of your nails. Let’s talk about nail care while we enjoy nature together!

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