Acrylic Nails Pros and Cons

Do you have long and healthy nails? If you don’t, then you should probably consider getting acrylic nails. Acrylic nails bring life to your hands. They look attractive. There might have been occasions where you wanted to do some pretty nails or wanted to attend a wedding with attractive nails.

Make sure that you get them done at the salon, though! It’s not something that can easily be done at home. Unless you’re a manicurist or you have trained in doing acrylic nails, it is suggested that you get them done by an expert.


Pros of Having Acrylic Nails:

  • Acrylic extensions are suitable for women with brittle and weak nails.
  • Acrylics are good for women, who have a bad habit of chewing their nails as they are very hard to chew off. What better way to ward off an unwanted habit than making the damaged area as pretty as possible?
  • Acrylic nails have been around longer than their counterparts, so, most nail technicians at salons and spas have a lot of experience about how to apply and remove these nails. You don’t have to worry about side effects as such.
  • They are cheaper than their counterparts.
  • The primary benefit of acrylic nails is that if one of them breaks, it can be fixed at home by using the right tools. You don’t have to spend a bomb again to get them rectified.
  • They last longer than gel nails.

Cons of having Acrylic Nails:

  • They can damage your natural nail underneath, and it can be hard to grow out your nails with acrylic over them. Also, damaged nail is a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria.
  • As Acrylic nails are artificial enhancements, they present a fake look. You need a very talented technician who can apply your acrylics as close to natural ones.
  • Application of acrylic nails involves the use of strong chemicals and formation of fumes. Some women may have an allergy to such substances.
  • You need refilling every month which means extra expenditure.

Things You Must Remember When Getting Acrylic Nails

  • Keep Your Nails Healthy: It is extremely important to keep cleaning your nails. Especially since there is an entire layer covering your real nails. Make it a point to regularly clean your acrylic nails. Use a soft bristle brush under and around the nails to clean hard dirt. Then use a cotton swab with some alcohol to clean around the cuticles and under the nails.

  • Find Yourself A Regular Manicurist: Finding a manicurist that you can regularly go to makes life so much easier. She will understand your concerns, and since she knows your nails and your problems, you can save time trying to explain.

  • Keep Your Nails Dry: Whenever you wash your hands, dry them completely! If you leave them wet, there are chances for your acrylic layers to lift and also a fungal growth! Wear gloves if you are doing the dishes.

  • Oil your Nails: Dry nails can break easily. Use a neutral oil such as rapeseed oil to keep them moisturized.

Nataly Tornel

Written by Nataly Tornel

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