5 Tips for those who do not know how to paint their nails

To get the same result as a professional craftsman, some tricks can be employed.

Even those who are used to doing their own manicures have to face difficulties. For example, when a paintbrush falls into an “uncomfortable” hand. In this case, it is almost impossible to avoid blunders. How can difficulties be avoided?

Thin layers

One of the secrets to a neat manicure at home is applying thin coats of nail polish. It may seem like a no-brainer – but it’s the over-application of nail polish that’s the most common reason why a perfect manicure can’t be achieved. A better solution is to apply the nail polish in ‘two coats’, which results in a more even finish. In fact, a few thin layers dry much faster than one thick layer. So it’s also good for preserving your manicure.

Protective barrier

Beauty bloggers have found a way to easily remove nail polish from the cuticle. Use a cotton swab to apply petroleum jelly to the skin around the nail. After, if the handshakes and the brush with nail polish stain the skin, you do not have to bother with acetone. The stain can be “picked up” and removed from the skin with an orange stick. By the way, there is another option for a “protective barrier” against nail polish marks. You can also apply a bit of liquid stationery glue to the skin surrounding the nail. After a while, it will dry and turn into a film that can be easily removed from the skin – along with the nail polish stains.

Working on mistakes

There are other options for correcting manicure mistakes after the fact. Firstly, you can wrap the beveled tip of an orange stick with a piece of cotton wool, moisten it with nail polish remover and wipe away any blemishes with it. Secondly, nail salon professionals recommend removing nail polish from the skin with a fine eyeliner brush. It can reach “hard-to-reach” places, such as the pits on the border of the nail and the skin.

Greased varnish

There’s nothing easier than fixing a situation where you’ve inadvertently smudged a little nail polish on a freshly painted nail. Bloggers vouch for this tip that seems strange but really helps: swipe your tongue a few times over the spot where the nail polish has smudged. The unevenness that has formed on the nail will immediately smooth out and the manicure will be saved.

Nail stickers

Let’s say a relationship with polishes doesn’t work out at all. But even in this situation, there’s a good solution: nail polish stickers. It’s almost the same as nail polish, only dry, in the form of a film that needs to be glued to your nails. They come in packs with different-sized foils that fit on each nail. You can cut them yourself so that the stickers fit the shape of your nails.

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