5 Simple Rules For Nail Care In Autumn And Winter

During the cold season, not only do your hair and skin dry out due to the change in temperature and vitamin deficiency, but so do your nails. With a few tips you can restore your nails to their pristine beauty.

1. Moisturize your hands

Moisturizing or nourishing creams are good for this. Apply the cream to your hands until fully absorbed as needed.

2. Remove the cuticle

In autumn and winter, the cuticle dries out more, making manicures look messy and inhibiting nail growth. Apply a Cuticle Peeling to the cuticle and, after 30 seconds, push it off with Orange Sticks. Regularly use a cuticle peeling to prevent excessive cuticle growth.

3. Moisturize the cuticles

Regular hand cream can moisturize the skin on the cuticle but it might not work for the cuticle as the cuticle is relatively dry and rough. To keep the cuticle and nail plate moisturized, try using a special oil like orange oil and vitamins to provide the nail plate with nutrients, soften the cuticles and give the cuticle a neat look.

4. Use a protective nail coating

For nail care and extra nourishment try a nail hardener containing colloidal gold particles. In autumn, it will protect your nails from negative environmental influences. And on top of that, the product is incredibly beautiful to look at and creates a completely healthy-looking nail.

5. Wear gloves

Wearing gloves when outdoors in cold weather will protect your hands and nails from sudden temperature fluctuations and chafing.

Ashlee Haman

Written by Ashlee Haman

I really want to make the world a better place. But you know what’s also important? Looking after our beauty! On this site, I share everything I know. Let’s talk about nail routines and maybe make a positive change together!

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