5 Easy Nail Art Designs That Can Be Easily Done at Home

Want to have a simple yet nail art design for your nails at home?

Check this article and learn some tricks and techniques that make you look chic and classy with perfect nail art.

Leaving a nail salon with a pair of newly painted nails will make you feel like a newcomer. Nothing makes you feel like you are the best version of yourself like a little care and fresh nails. But it will quickly become expensive. Especially if you want a little nail art. That’s why we have collected some of our favorite simple and easy-to-use nail designs, you can make these designs at home, and possibly use the nail colors you already have.

We are not manicurists anyway, but luckily, with these appearances, it doesn’t matter. Whether you want to shake a set of stars along the cuticle, with tonal gradients on all 10 fingers, simple glitter stripes, or double French manicure, you will definitely find a style you will like.

Below are some nailart designs that you can easily do at your home:

Red Nails with White Star:


Who doesn’t love a classic red manicure? The star accent on the ring finger takes it to a whole other level. Paint your nails with any of your favorite Red nail colors and Make a white color Star on your ring finger. Your nail art is ready!!!

You can make a star shape with any star-shaped stencil. Finish the look with a topcoat.

Shimmery Tips:


Play up your bare nails with a swipe of gold at the tips. Put shimmery gold color on your tips and your 2nd nail art is ready!!! Finish the look with a top coat which will help the nail art to stay longer.

White Dots:


In this case, less is definitely more. We love the simplicity of these neutral nails with white dots. Paint your nails with your favorite pastel shade and put a white dot on the center of your nail. Your nail art is ready. So easy and stylish.

Pastel Nails:


Do we love the smooth look of the nails and the variety of shades? Even better. Reflects the sequence of colors on each hand for a polished look. Paint your nails in pastel shades, and your manicure is ready! !!

Diagonal Design:


The unique color combination attracted us to use this two-tone nail design. Make diagonal designer nails in your favorite shades. You can use tape to make the diagonal shape, place it on the nail and apply nail color. Remove the tape finish the look with a top coat and it’s ready!!!

All these looks are so easy but on point. You can carry these nail art designs on different occasions and with any of your favorite outfits.

Save your money and time and increase your creativity by following these above nail art designs.

Ashlee Haman

Written by Ashlee Haman

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