3 Elementary Nail Polish Application Tricks That Turn This Complex Process Into A Game

With them, no one can tell the difference between a home manicure and a salon manicure performed by a master

The monochrome manicure is one of this year’s undisputed trends, which looks great on both short and long nails. Its simplicity and elegance are captivating right from the start. In addition, the beauty is that you can make it yourself at home. Here’s how to get your nails done right on the first try, like a pro, without getting annoyed.

First trick: Spot technique

This trick is suitable for those who need to evenly paint the entire nail plate with one shade of nail polish – it can be a monochrome manicure or a French manicure. Drip the nail polish onto the center of the nail, then place the tip of the brush at this point and slowly, with gentle pressure – so the brush flattens out and takes up almost the entire nail – begin to move it towards the cuticle without touching it. Once you’re as close as possible, move back towards the tip and paint all over the nail at once. Repeat this trick several times to cover the entire nail.

Second trick: Removing excess polish with an eyeliner brush

It’s not always possible to paint your nails neatly the first time, especially the left hand for right-handed people and the right hand for left-handed people. But any imperfections can be quickly rectified with an eyeliner brush. Allow the nail polish to harden a little and become sticky and viscous, then take a brush and dip its tip in nail polish remover. Then carefully remove the lacquer from the cuticle or along the inner edge of the nail (Italian manicure). And remember: don’t think about removing it with a cotton pad, it will definitely smudge everything or leave lint that will ruin your manicure.

Third trick: Painting the base of the nail pocket with a thin brush

Thin manicure brushes are designed to paint the filigree nail designs that are so popular these days. But they can also be used to fill in small gaps at the edge of the nail (between the cuticle and the finish) so that the manicure looks flawless. Plus, this trick can be used a week later, when the nail polish is a little longer – just in case you’re too lazy to repaint all your nails.

Ashlee Haman

Written by Ashlee Haman

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