3 Easy Home Things That Can Be Used As Nail Art Tools

Forget about the content of Pinterest and YouTube tutorials trying to convince you, because for many of us, making nail art at home is really difficult. You can hardly apply a single polish without letting it spread all over my cuticle, let alone draw any type of nail design freehand.

 It does not seem feasible to buy nail tools for home use. I’ve always believed that if I don’t have the skill level to use them successfully at home, there is no use investing in management tools and all these brushes. So in nail stalemate, I started experimenting with simple looks, I can do it with random stuff in my house The beauty community on the Internet has nail art design techniques that use anything you can think of: dental floss, mascara sticks, tape, plastic bags…the list goes on. If you have tried some of these so-called tricks, I don’t even have to tell you that many of them are difficult to use or just simple scams.

 Nevertheless, there are still some key elements that can complete the work without consuming my energy or salary. Even Gina Edwards and Miss Pop are long-term nail artists you must have seen in magazines and fashion shows, and their professional tools are sometimes used for DIY hackers. In fact, at the recent Milan Fashion Week, Miss Pop even used tissues to create a textured look.

Here are some home tools which you can use on your nails for perfect nail art.

Bobby Pins:


You can do it with an improvised dot tool. It can soak one of the pearls in your nail polish bottle until it is coated slightly, and can calm it to Poland and make it calmly with points.

 You can put points on the nail for mid-moon patterns like what I created, but your idea of other ways to use polka dots for other ways to use PIN cannot bother. You can make a minimum route and place a row of points through your nail bed or suggestion. You can use some bobby pins to throw them all in the color of confetti. 

 Hole Reinforcement Stickers:


Do you know those donut stickers you used to fix perforated paper at school when it tore and fell out of your folder? It turns out that those little stickers are very valuable nail art tools. If you are a student or live with students, you may already have some hanging out; otherwise, you can buy them at your local office supply store for a few dollars.

 To create these neon heads, I started with a set of neutral color presses from Kiss, but you can use bare natural nails as a base or paint them in different colors first. I put a sticker on each nail near the top and I tried to make up all the space before I even applied the tip with two coats of MiniLuxe Lime Green Nail Polish. Before the second coat dries, I use tweezers to peel off the sticker as gently as possible.



This is where things get a bit tricky but very, very interesting. Any combination of toothpicks and nail polish provides countless ways to create marbled designs, like the one I created earlier with OPI’s Big Apple Red and Black Onyx. My ridiculous goth look only requires three steps: apply a thick red coat to one side of the nail, a thick black coat to the other side, and then move the tip of the toothpick back and forth on the polish Drag until they all warp.

 Again, there are no simple rules for using this tool. You can place the spike in the middle of the nail polish and circle a hypnotic vortex outward, or drag the nail polish vertically instead of horizontally as I did. Using two shades will make the process a bit faster, but there is really no limit to the number of colors you can combine using this method.

Ashlee Haman

Written by Ashlee Haman

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