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27 Manicure Tips and Tricks at Home

We’ve rounded up 27 tricks and tips for girls who love grooming their nails. How to dry your manicure quickly? How to do a nail polish? How to carefully draw a French? On this and not only – in our article.

1.Lacquer remover neatly.

To make sure removing red or other brightly colored nail polish doesn’t make the skin around your nails look like you’ve killed someone or picked at something, apply a generous amount of greasy cream to your hands before you do it.

2. Remove nail polish residue from the skin

If you haven’t tried the previous tip and the skin around the nails has become stained, a piece of masking tape can help remove the stains. An adhesive tape is an excellent way to collect nail polish remnants, especially silver polish.

3. A quick wipe

Manicure shops sell a variety of quick-acting removers. These consist of bubbles filled with a sponge soaked in a cleansing liquid. You do not need to drive a cotton swab on your nails: dip the nail into the bottle and wait a while.
You can make your own. Take a small glass jar, put their sponge cut to size, and soak it in nail polish remover. The principle is the same.

4. Remover varnish with glitter

Soak cotton pads in nail polish remover, apply it to the nail, and wrap foil around each finger. After 10 minutes, the polish will come off easily despite the glitter.

5. Bleach your nails

Sometimes colored nail polish can soak into the nail plate, leaving an unsightly yellowish color behind. You can get rid of it with bleaching toothpaste. Use an old toothbrush and brush your nails with it. To prevent this from happening at all, remember to apply a basecoat before applying your main varnish.

6. Saving a broken nail

You’ll need a teabag and some clear varnish. Apply the latter to the damaged nail, then place a patch cut out of the teabag onto the crack. Finish the nail again with a clear varnish.

7. Keeping varnishes handy

Label the caps with the appropriate shade if you store your nail polishes in an opaque box. This way, you won’t have to pull out all the bottles looking for the right one.

8. Making your lacquers

You can make your own if you need more polishes or help to find the shade you need. You’ll need a clear lacquer and some mineral eyeshadow. They’ll dissolve very well, and you can adjust the color saturation. You can also add glitter to your polish.

9. Opening the bottle without any problems

If the top is glossy and the seal is too tight, roll it up, and the problem is beyond repair using rubber bands. Wrap them around the cap, and you’ll get the grip to open the bottle easily.

10. Extend the life of your manicure

If you want your nail polish to last longer, you should give your nails a good amount of degrease before applying the base. Wipe your nails with a cotton swab dipped in white wine vinegar to do so.

11. Creating an even coat

One thick coat will always be smoother and more precise than several thin coats. Just be patient and let each layer dry.

12. Doing a matte finish

Frosted lacquers have become quite popular of late. But if you don’t have one, mix a light powder with a clear lacquer. Stir as shown in tip #8.

13. Making the polish brighter

Many girls know that putting eyeshadow on a base is smoother, and the color is richer. It’s the same with manicures. If the color of your nails looks patchy, use white matte nail polish as a base. This gives a vibrant finish and avoids multiple layers.

14. Protecting the Skin

Applying a stamping or gradient on your nails can mess up the skin around them. We’ve already written that, in this case, a special latex varnish can help. But if you don’t have one, use PVA glue, which can also form a peelable film.

15. Eliminate manicure imperfections

Painting your nails without getting dirty, especially on the right hand. But don’t worry if it happens. Take a thin brush, soak it in nail polish remover, and wipe off the imperfections. Unlike a cotton swab, the brush won’t cling to the polish and won’t leave lint.

16. Painting nail patterns

If eyeliner’s dryness or nail polish isn’t enough for you, don’t throw it away. Her nail art brush, which is perfectly elastic and usually just like these, can create fine lines on nails.
And some girls even adapt ordinary stationery markers for nail art.

17. Making blanks for nail art

Add varnish of different colors alternately in water. Use a toothpick to make a pattern. Peel off the membrane and cut out the nail art molds.

18. Making sliders for the design

The principle is the same as in the previous case. The principle is the same as in the previous case, but the foil is made from a clear lacquer, and a pattern can be drawn. For example, with dots.

19. Substitute for a Dottie

A dot is a stick with a tip like a metal ball. It can be used to create a variety of designs on nails. If you don’t have a file, use a handy tool. Examples would be safety pins, toothpicks, blank ballpoint pens, etc.

20. Doing the French Touch

French manicure looks feminine and goes with almost any occasion and outfit. Highlight the tips of your nails with a simple rubber band. Pull it around your finger and apply white nail polish. It’s a budget-friendly alternative to special vinyl stencils.

21. Masking the unevenness of your French

If, despite all the tricks, you can’t manage to get straight stripes, you can go for a trick. Underneath the white part, create a line with a glittery varnish. The glitter will hide the imperfections, and you’ll get an original design.

22. Making stencils from duct tape

This handy item can also be used for nail art. For example, for all those French drawings. Also out of duct tape are great stencils, which, unlike duct tape, do not stick firmly and do not scratch dried nail polish.

23. Drying nails fast

If you don’t have a drying agent and are in a hurry, soak your nails in cold water for a few minutes. This will allow the nail polish to set much more quickly.

24. Protecting undried nail polish

To protect the nails you’ve just painted, spray a drop of cuticle oil on top of them to protect them from lint and dust.

25. Rescuing your manicure

If you’ve smudged a manicure you’ve just done, don’t rush to wipe it all off. Moisten your finger with water and gently rub the affected area. The lacquer has yet to be cured and will easily reappear.

26. Shake the varnish properly

What do you do before you open the bottle? Shake it well so it’s less stiff. That’s great! Just do it right: put the bottle between your hands and roll it around. If you shake it and turn it upside down, it can bubble up when you apply it.

27. Rescuing the thickened varnish

Has your favorite varnish started to thicken and is now coming off badly on your nails? Put it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes, then shake it well. Some masters of manicure generally recommend storing polishes in a cool place so that you can use up every last drop rather than throwing away dried-up bottles.

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