10 Manicure Ideas In The Color Of 2022 – Very Peri

Even though it’s a 2022 shade, no one is stopping it from being used next year.

In early December, Pantone Color Institute named Very Peri purple as the color of the year 2022. Despite the fact that the name of the trendy shade has only recently become known, it has already been actively used by designers in the collections of spring-summer 2022, as well as by nail artists in their works. was inspired and prepared a cheat sheet with 10 stylish purple manicure ideas to suit everyone.

Monotone coating

Monochrome purple is a win-win manicure that looks equally cool on both short and long nails, with absolutely any shape. But, if this solution is too simple and boring, you can take colors of nail polish close to purple and cover each nail with your own. The result should be a smooth gradient from a darker shade to a lighter one, or even white.

Nail design

Soft pink, white, silver, gold, and all shades of purple harmonize and complement each other perfectly. If you want a nail design, take these colors and mix them up by drawing lines or geometric shapes on your nails. You can duplicate the design on three fingers and do something else on the other two. The crazier the idea, the better.

French manicure

A French is always a good idea, especially if you modernize the classic version a little. That is a light-colored base and a purple stripe instead of a white one. By the way, the line doesn’t have to be flat; it can also beveled, covering just half of the nail tip.

A little purple detail in nail art

For those who dislike purple but also want to keep up with the trends, the perfect solution is to paint abstract designs on their nails in any color and simply add a dash of purple. It can be a subtle detail, but the important thing is to have it.

Combining different shades of purple in the same manicure

A manicure that features several shades of purple at once looks very unusual and at the same time delicate. For example, it can be a pale purple base and lilac smiley faces or gold leaf stains on top. The special thing about this manicure is that no one will have a second one like it.

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