10 Best Nail Art Designs for Halloween

As we all know that we can’t celebrate Halloween like usual but we can celebrate it differently by doing some festive and spooky manicures at home. Whether you are at home or dressed up for a socially distant gathering, these creative nail art designs will help you to celebrate Halloween. From creepy spider webs to bloody vampires, here are 10 Halloween nail art design ideas which you can create at home.

  1. Blood Nails

If you are dressing up as the blood-drenched teen queen, match your costume to your nails with this ruby red set. To create this look, use a foil base with red glass gel for a slick and sinister finish.

2. Web Nails

This web nail art may look difficult, but this nail design is all about simple white lines. Apply a glittery base coat then use a thin brush to create the web effect. Add sparkling stone to the centre.

3. Coffin Nails

 Shape your nails in Coffin style with a nail file, then apply matte black nail polish. Wait for the polish to dry, then add gold accents and lines. Finish off with a clear topcoat.

4. Marble Ghost

Create a ghost style on your nails using the marbling technique. Lean into the Halloween theme with a pumpkin orange base colour.

5. Horror Nails

Create a different design for each finger. From extraterrestrial aliens to scary skeletons, the possibilities are endless. Make them as horror as you can.

6. Pumpkin Nails

Create gradient nail art with Orange color shades for Halloween. This is super easy and goes with the Halloween theme nailart.

7. Candy Nails

Halloween’s favourite candy is also your new favourite nail design. File your nails with an almond shape and create a gradient to mimic candy corn.

8. Half Moon Nails

A spooky twist on the half-moon manicure. Use negative space to create ghost shapes and a ballpoint nail tool for detailing.

9. Halloween Nails

For this nail art, you have to perfect in painting. Try this spooky and detailed design featuring cobwebs and candles. If you’re a beginner, you may want to enlist some help from a professional

10. Moon Rising Nail Art

These phases of the moon manicure will count down the days until you transform into a Werewolf. You can create it by applying black nail colour on the base now with white colour make the phases of the moon. Finish it up with a top coat.

Ashlee Haman

Written by Ashlee Haman

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