10 Amazing Red Color Nail Art Ideas

The red color is my all-time favorite!!!

Are you a Red Nail color person?

Red nails are an absolute classic when it comes to beauty choices, especially when the holiday season’s right around the corner. Red is also the perfect festive shade for Christmas, and can truly complete any look for a holiday party.

Red manicure is inherently attractive, but at the same time easy to use. In other words, the colors of vampires are generally likable. Nevertheless, it is not easy to find the *perfect* shade, which is why we asked our editor to take us to the Crimson Promised Land.

Red nail polish is the ultimate expression of glamor – a striking color that represents passion, enthusiasm, and confidence. It means that you are bold, dramatic, outgoing, and not shy of the spotlight.

Here are some Nail art design ideas for Red color.

  1. Stars:

A red base coat is enhanced with oversized stars that cover the whole nail.

2. Metallic Design:


Make a red nail instantly more glamorous with a metallic accent. Start with a clear base coat and then paint your half-moons in gold. Let dry, then fill in the rest of the nail in your favorite red polish. Finish with a topcoat.

3. Easy Minimalism:


Add a thin diagonal line in a contrasting color for a simple yet dynamic look.

4. Heart Shape:


Wear your heart on your nails with this negative nail. Outline the bare section in black to clean up any mistakes and embolden the graphic.

5. Petal Tips:


Instead of painting a red French tip, scallop the inside edge for an abstract floral design.

6. Metallic Moon:


The bold red base color is amplified by the metallic moon at the base. Go for a gold sparkly color like one of these, if you’re feeling fancy.

7. Red Plaid:


Buffalo plaid is a fall favorite no longer confined to just flannel. To get the pattern on your nails, start by painting them a shiny base coat red. Use a lacquer-like this one for the ultimate effect. Next, draw the pattern using black. For that extra look, shape your nails to a stiletto point.

8. Inside Nail Color:


Add a healthy dose of color by painting the underside of your nail in a contrasting hue.

9. Delicate Details


Technically a tangerine red, but it looks so good we’re willing to bend the rules slightly. This design is topped with a delicate leaf design on the ring finger. Very subtle and pretty.

10. Mix & Match


Red, nude, and lilac make for such a pretty and unexpected color combo. Mix it up further by trying different colors and designs on each finger.

Ashlee Haman

Written by Ashlee Haman

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